Thursday, March 17

9:15                 Welcome & Introduction

Chair: Barbara Vetter

9:30-11:00    Jonathan Beere (HU Berlin): Capacities in Aristotle

Coffee Break

11:30-13:00   Simona Aimar (UCL): Potentialities as Efficient Causes in Aristotle


Chair: Romy Jaster

14:00-15:30   Erasmus Mayr (Erlangen): Dispositions and Responsibility

Short Coffee Break

15:45-17:15   Stephan Schmid (HU Berlin): The Distinction Between Active and Passive Powers: A Contemporary and a Suárezian Perspective

Short Coffee Break

17:30-19:00   Kadri Vihvelin (University of Southern California): Dispositions, Abilities, Free Will, and Agency

20:00               Dinner


Friday, March 18

Chair: Stephan Schmid

9:30-11:00    Jennifer McKitrick (University of Nebraska): Dispositions, Properties, and Counterfactuals

Coffee Break

11:30-13:00   Siegfried Jaag (Düsseldorf): Dispositionalism About Laws and Natural Modality


Chair: Christian Barth

14:00-15:30   Joseph Bjelde (HU Berlin): What Episteme Does

Short Coffee Break

15:45-17:15    Anna Marmodoro (Oxford): Galen on the Activity of Powers

Short Coffee Break

17:30-19:00   Julia Jorati (Ohio State University, Columbus): Leibniz on the Permanent and Temporary Dispositions of Monads

20:00               Dinner


Saturday, March 19

Chair: N.N.

9:30-11:00    Daniel James (Konstanz): Disguised Slavery: Marx’s Dispositionalist Account of Capitalist Domination

Coffee Break

11:30-13:00   Vid Simoniti (Cambridge): Beauty as a Power


Chair: Barbara Vetter/Stephan Schmid

14:00-15:30 Barbara Vetter (HU Berlin): Local Dispositions, Global Modality: The Problem of Necessary Masks

End of Workshop

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